JIM FRANKS is a BAFTA-nominated TV producer and director with 30 years of experience of film-making for TV and the web. Having begun by cutting his teeth as a cameraman on nuclear submarines, Jim worked his way up through the world of film and TV as a cameraman and editor.

Soon he was a successful director-producer working on documentaries (such as David Attenborough’s natural history programmes) and science and current affairs programmes (including Equinox and A Week in Politics) for the BBC, Channel 4 and others. Along the way he also worked on music videos and the Rolling Stones’ Steel Wheels tour.

When the world started moving away from terrestrial TV to the web and new technology made film-making a practical, affordable option for all, Jim began making broadcast-quality films for a much wider range of clients. Now he specialises in making films for researchers in academia and education, charities and NGOs – people who need to communicate fascinating and challenging ideas and engage general and specialist audiences.

FRANCES STEVENSON is, amongst other things, an award-winning humanitarian aid worker (in her case the award is an MBE). She has 25 years of experience of research and writing, policy and programme management and negotiating her way through conflicts in Bosnia, Rwanda and Sri Lanka with Médecins Sans Frontières and others - not to mention several years leading treks in the Himalayas.
We work with a network of tried and tested freelancers and specialist sub-contractors. This enables us to scale up for larger projects and deliver the same excellent quality.

Our clients include: