Some of our recent films

The Manot Cave

client: Curiosity Stream US

A 55,000 year old love story.  A film about the discovery of the remains of Neanderthals and humans living side by side.




Improving infant survival in liberia

Client: Save the Children and GSK

A documentary about the need to train health workers in infant medicine in Liberia



Ancient Lives

Client: Oxford University

A film for the Oxford classicist's Dirk Obbink about how he is using citizen science on the web to decode 3000-year-old papyri texts.



The Truth about Babies

Client: Harvard Medical School and NHS

A documentary about the development of standardised foetal growth charts for use worldwide.









client:  The Royal Society

On the occasion of The Royal Society's 350th anniversary, a film presented by Sir David Attenborough to raise £350 million investment in UK science.




European Energy Commission

A film to educate and inspire secondary school children about the use of energy in the 21st century.




Sub-zero teachers

Department of Education

A team of teachers visits Antarctica to take classroom science into the field.