FRANKS FILMS specialises in making films that communicate complex ideas to general and specialised audiences. We have the skills in-house to research, write, direct, shoot and edit so we can make a superb film for you whatever your budget.

We begin by having a chat. We want to get to know you and your project and understand what you want to communicate and who you need to reach.

We’ll discuss with you the best way to achieve it. The content could include footage of your project in action, the people who are benefitting, and engaging contextual footage. There can be interviews with your staff, with people you’re working with and other important stakeholders. We’ll discuss the timeframe and budget and come up with a proposal that works for you.

If for whatever reason (logistics, security or budget constraints) it isn’t possible to get a film crew to your project location, we can train your field staff to shoot video footage and stills photographs using smart phones or other High Street cameras. We’ll edit the raw footage and incorporate it in the film to produce a professional finished product.

Your film can be edited to generate multiple products for different contexts. For instance, we can make a short punchy version to engage a general audience (for use on your website or at conferences, for example), an in-depth film for more specialist audiences (for workshops, webinars, training and e-learning), and clips to embed in electronic publications to bring them to life.

It all begins with a chat. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you tell the world what you’re doing.